Elisabeth Cummings
Art & Design

The Master

There’s something in the way she fixes her gaze upon the world. Perfectly still. Standing. Quiet. And in a way you can almost see her physically connecting with what lies in front of her. ¬†Allowing herself to be wholly immersed in it. Collecting all the parts she needs to turn a small square of plain white canvas into a piece of art history.

I am fortunate enough to have spend some time with this powerhouse of Australian Painting on a  few occasions, both in the studio and in the Australian outback, and what I I can say, is that teaching without saying a word is something that Liz is a master of. To be around her and work alongside her is an almost monastic experience. The intensity of focus is staggering, but the freedom with which she allows herself to get the idea down on either paper or canvas is both intoxicating to watch and incredibly humbling at the same time, something that makes my near two decades with a camera seem like I have learnt nothing at all.

So now, I am waiting in anticipation of the next instalment. A show here in Hong Kong in the later half of 2015. Something not to be missed for anyone who likes paint on canvas, do yourself a favour and keep an eye on this lady. The master of the quiet moment.